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60 DIY with fibreglass shell
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Highest refractory materials for optimum heat ability with multi colour design option and state of the art fibreglass shell. All ovens come with our 10 year warranty as standard.


- Highest level refractory materials used

- Made in the U.K

- Heat up time 30-40 mins

- Long heat retention

- Weatherproof and u.v resistant fibreglass shell

- Simple interlock design

- 70mm thick dense castable dome

- Body soluble ceramic insulation covering the dome and under the cooking floor


LENGTH: 77cm

WIDTH: 60cm

HEIGHT: 30cm


HEAT TIME: 30-40 mins

CAPACITY: 1 large 12 inch pizza or 2 x small 10 inch

WEIGHT: 155kg (approx) not inc stand

MAX TEMP: 600c+


LENGTH: 90cm

WIDTH: 87cm

HEIGHT: 45cm

*Including fibreglass shell