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The Commercial clay Italian wood fired pizza ovens are commercial ovens that are hand made using a combination of the latest technology and traditional methods

It is perfect for pizza to perfection, The lower dome enables a higher more intense heat required to cook Neapolitan pizza in 60-90 seconds. This is from our best performing range of ovens with the longest heat retention of all our models. 

Whether you want to turn a simple family meal into something special, surprise your guests with an extraordinary meal cooked in your wood fired oven, or throw a pizza party for the kids - your Prestige Italian wood fired oven does it all.

These Ovens are 100% handmade using the oldest traditional Mediterranean methods allied with the latest finishing and insulating products. The design, construction and materials used allow these ovens to reach cooking temperatures of over 500°C in under an hour - under normal conditions, when using quality kiln dried logs. 

This range of ovens have outstanding heat retention and are very economical to use due to the clay dome, the clay dome will heat up quicker and retain its heat longer than a traditional brick oven. a double layer of aluminium coated ceramic fibre blanket is also added to ensure maximum efficiently. These ovens are made of a refractory clay dome, fired  at 900 to 1000C for 72 hours. Their composition allows them to absorb heat quickly and retain heat for longer periods therefore saving fuel.

During construction, the floor tiles are placed ontop of the insulation and the clay dome is reinforced with wire through each layer as they are built and covered in a special compound of refractory cement, reinforced further with wire mesh, then a double layer of rock wool insulation is placed over the complete dome, fixed in place with more chicken mesh before a final 40mm coat of refractory cement.

The oven has a external measurement of 120cm or 140cm the internal measurement will be roughly 20cm smaller, 

Additional features include a solid heavy duty door with tempered glass and air vent control.

Thermometer kit

Our package deal includes a built in thermometer to ensure you have a idea of the temperature at all times

Digital Thermometer

Also includes a hand held digital thermometer for accurate readings of the oven floor

Pizza peel

The Aluminium pizza peel is a safe convenient way to insert pizza or bread into the oven 

Heavy duty steel door

Solid heavy duty door with tempered glass and air vent control.

Stainless steel chimney 100cm

The Chimney is made from high grade stainless steel to ensure it will not rust. The additional chimney will also certainly assist with the air flow helping the fire to start quicker and promote excellent air circulation for even heat distribution. We need not say it obviously ads to the wow factor, there nothing better than watching the chimney do its magic as its puffing away.

Stainless steel rain cap

Also includes a matching stainless steel rain cap to assist keeping rain out of the oven chamber.

10kg Kiln dried fire wood

Large net of high quality kiln dried fire wood to get you up and running.

Free Kerb side delivery

Free kerb side delivery on a pallet within 3 working days from one a leading UK pallet network.

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