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Neapolitan wood fired pizza oven in metallic red or black with stainless steel chimney
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This insulated oven heats up more quickly than most of the ovens in its class, it achieves optimum heat and will cook Neapolitan style pizzas in about 2 minutes. The internal cooking space is 600mm x 600mm. You can easily cook 2 x large pizza at once, the floor of the oven is traditional firebrick that can be removed to assist you while moving the oven. weight of oven without bricks is around 19.5 kg and 49.5kg with the fire bricks installed

Made of stainless steel this oven is extremely durable and is one of the most portable ovens on our list. Conclusion Based on value, portability, and heating performance this is the best stainless steel wood-fired pizza oven out there. Even with its modern look and feel it maintains the traditional brick oven cooking elements for the flavour you expect from a wood-fired oven