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Wood fired pizza oven

Our Premium-Italian ovens are made from refectory brick and fire cement, then double insulated before being rendered in with heat proof render. Our Premium-Italian ovens also feature a single drop down door. Please note the heat retention on the premium-Italian comparison to the Italian is at least 80% more efficient This oven has a low height cooking chamber ideal for Pizza perfection
Thermometer kit

Our kit contains a thermometer to ensure the oven is up to the correct temperature before the pizza goes in.

Digital thermometer kit

Our kit also contains a digital thermometer laser gun for precise temperature readouts

pizza peel

The Aluminium Pizza Peel is a safe and convenient way to insert and remove hot pizza or bread from the oven

Galvanized door
This is a premium option with most other sellers. we offer galvanized doors as standard. The galvanised door is stronger, will not rust and is made to last

Stainless steel 100cm chimney
Suggested retail price for the stainless steel chimney is £99.99. of cause we offer this free of charge in our kit.

Stainless steel ran cap

Suggested retail price for the stainless steel rain cap is £29.99 of cause we offer this for free of charge in our kit.

Large net of kiln dried firewood

Large net of kiln dried firewood to get you up and running

Free kerb side 2-3 day pallet delivery

Free kerb side delivery on a pallet within 3 days from one of the U.K's leading haulage companies. If you need the oven quicker please call 24 hr delivery usually available at no extra cost